shrimp dumpling – gyoza- hand made


  • this is hand made dumpling by experienced restaurant chefs, taste better compare to machine made ones.
  • shrimp dumpling is a traditional Chinese food dim sum, with thin skin and plenty of meat, sweet and delicious
  • raw and frozen dumpling is not ready for eat, you have to cook it, for cooked dumpling, it is ready for eat for picking up in store or delivery, during the delivery time, the dumpling may become cold, you may need to reheat it via steaming or oven
  • you can eat in 3 different ways:  boil it,  fry it, or steaming it
  • for Boiling:  if you purchase raw and frozen packing, Use a boiling pot, fill in enough water which can Submerge the dumpling, wait for the water in pot is boiling, unpack, put the frozen shrimp dumplings in the pot, wait for it boiling, put some cold water to the pot, cover the pot, then wait for boiling again, repeat the cold water filling action 3 times, or cook for about 8-15 minutes, then it is ready to eat, if you dip a little soy sauce, minced garlic and other seasonings to eat , Taste even better
  • click this link  Mary’s test kitchen for details for all 3 method of eating dumpling – Goyza