Referral Rules

Only paid members can obtain referrals,  as long as members meet the following conditions:

1) valid membership

2) in order to earn the referrals, members need to buy 1 orders accumulated each month, and the purchase amount should be 19 dollars or more accumulated that month, has to meet those two conditions at the same time in a month.

3) if you own two or more sharing accounts, each of your account needs to meet above conditions, or else, you will lose referrals of that account of that month.

At what situations will you lose your monthly referrals?

1) if your membership expired and not renewed in that month, your referral for that whole month will be deducted.

2)if your purchase of that month does not meet the minimum order quantity and order amount, you will lose  that month’s referral

3) if not meet one of the two conditions listed above will lose that month’s rewards and those referral already earned from other months in the past will not have any impact.

Reward and referral rules may be modified or updated without pre-notice.

How to do referral?

1) every product page, if you are a wholesale member, you can see there is a product link,copy this link, text, email, or facebook, tweeter this link to your friend, if your friend click this link, and register, the referral relationship will be built for a lifelong time, and if they buy from the site, you will get referral rewards.


another referral method is that, you may find your own referral link at “my account”  – “sharring account”-‘marketing’-“affiliate link”

sent your referral link to your friend or let others to scan your QRcode, you also will build your referral relationship with them

Upated on Oct 9,2022