Return Policy

      1. Can the order be canceled?
      2. how to get refunded?
      3. Can the goods be returned?
      4. what to do if goods in short?

      Order Cancellation:

      1. The order can be canceled within 2 hours after the order is paid, with no cancellation fees charged. log in and go to your “My Account”, find “My Order” to cancel the Corresponding order, and write a note for the reason. the money will be returned in the same gateway you paid within 7 business days, or it will be returned by Coupon (credit) with a code sending to your registered email. Coupon can be used for the late purchase for an instant deduction on your order
      2. In the case that the order is already delivered:
      3. If no one at your home when we deliver your order, please check all of the items in your order within 12 hours after our delivery staff dropped off at your door, If you find any product has quality problems, from the appearance and your common sense for the internal quality of all the produces delivered, please take a full photo or video recording to tell the full story, then contact the Delivery person or via the live chat at the right bottom of the site immediately within that 12 hours period, don’t throw the problematic goods away without getting contact with us, as we need to pick it back to the company after we verified the problems, You can have either a replacement upon delivery of your next order or a refund of these defected products after you returned the goods to the assigned address near you, or keep and preserve the item properly until we come to pick it up or replace with a good one.
      4. Once the order is delivered, and you received the order in the site and checked using your common sense and signed the receipt, there will have no return for products or other items which are laws or bylaws, except there is an internal (not appearance ) quality problem, and the quality issue must be originated from the product itself, not due to the improper preservation, storage or usage. If you are not sure about how to properly preserve or use the products, please check the product description / google internet relevant information or contact us via live chat or email. For the quality problems of produce, you need to contact us within 12 hours after receiving the products (after that period, there will have no return for produces), and for those problematic products if exists, you should also keep and preserve them properly without negligence, those need to be picked back for replacement or refund and examination purpose.
      5. When we received your order, we start to get all your ordered items organized and prepared for delivery, that will occur cost, after 2 hours your order is placed, if you want to cancel the whole order, you need to pay 15% of all your ordered amount for canceling the order. If you cancel your order with 2 hours after you placed your order and paid, there will have no fee for the order cancellation.
      6. If the order is continuously refunded or if the site unilaterally considers that the reason for the return or refund is insufficient, or malicious cancellation or return exists, this site will pay attention to this account and reserve the right to temporarily or permanently cancel the account, will not be liable for any kind of losses, or other effects that may happen for the cancellation, and the delivery address will not be able to set up another new account. If the account is canceled, all account information will be cleared within 10 days. In addition, the “Wholesale Membership Fee” expires at the end of that month of account cancellation.

      Objections on quantity, brand specifications, and quality of goods

      1. When the delivery person delivers the order goods, they need to check and count the quantity with the consignee, check the status of the goods, whether they are damaged, etc. and sign the receipt.
      2. If the consignee is not at home, the delivery person will Put the goods in the place designated by the customer according to the requirements of the customer. At this time, when the signature cannot be confirmed, the delivery person will take a photo record.
      3. If there is an error, the consignee should contact the customer service of this site within 12hours after the goods are delivered,
      4. You can contact or leave a message through Livechat in the right bottom corner of the website page ( or contact the delivery person), and take pictures or video instructions, we will reply as soon as possible, and confirm the facts and discuss a solution together.

      Quality related complain, return, refund and replacement

      1. For quality issues like expiration, rot produce,any damaged or defective goods caused by shipment, etc. you can contact us and to return it to us, we will refund it or replace it for you.
      2. We will have the quality screen on all the produces we delivering, and only choose the good quality / good value ones, however, sometimes, may still have some neglects, not be able to be perfect, especially for fresh produce, when delivered, it still necessary for you to have a close look and check if there any defects or quality problems exist from the appearance on the products and use your common sense to evaluate the internal quality of these delivered, once you accept it, there will have no return or refund for those kinds of items. Please be noticed that some times produce are sold in bulk, which means probably, quality has grade one or other grades get mixed, may have some defects, but overall, after you filter out the defective, it is still a good deal with good value, when that happens, we will have a notice on the product description, please pay attention to that.
      3. as to the produce’s shape, clour, taste are born with the produces itself, will not be considered to be quality problems, even with the same product description, the produce’s taste may vary due to different batches, those are not considered to be quality issues.
        once the order is received, if you find any quality problems, please contact us whin 12hours, we only responsible for the quality issue that the goods itself have quality problems, beyond that period, we will not be responsible for any kind of claim, due to the specific character of fresh produce. one should store and use the produces properly with common sense whenever received, and pay attention to the preservation condition wherever is described, in other words, we can not take any responsibility for problems caused by improper preservation, storage, or negligence or in-prompt consumption.
      4. For pure quality issues, we will unconditionally replace, return, or refund by coupon or cashback to one’s payment gateway. if refund by cashback, it will take up to 7 business days to return to your credit card,  due to the processing of payment gateway / related bank.
      5. Please be noticed that we are an eCommerce delivery company, not the producer, we will not be responsible for any kind of losses and any other kind of negative impact due to the produce’s quality issue. what we can do is either to refund the defective goods or replace the defective goods, no other responsibilities related. please check the “terms and conditions” of the site for further details.

      Consistency of physical products:

      1. Unlike the factory-produced standardized consumer products, the fruit and vegetable products sold are subject to different growth environments. Each batch of products of the same variety, origin, manufacturer, and packaging may be different,we have to accept the appearance of every animals/plant grown naturally, at the same time, The product photos on the product page of this website may vary from actual products due to the light and technology taken, the batch of products taken, etc., and the actual products purchased cannot be compared with the photos in every aspect. They are for reference only when shopping.
      2. Please pay attention to these details before you purchase from us.
      3. If the product itself has expired and deteriorated quality problems, you can request unconditional return or exchange, as described above;
      4. if you are not satisfied with the products, you can submit to the customer service of this site within 12hours after receiving the goods, and you can notify the delivery person Or through this site’s instant messaging (live chat) to contact this site to return the goods, we need to get back the problematic goods (don’t throw it away before you get contacted with our customer service), refund from the original payment gateway (may take 7 business days to return to your card), or refund by Coupon from our Customer Service Department.

      Short goods situation

      1. In some cases, this site may not be able to deliver in time due to incomplete varieties or short goods, and the individual short products will be handled as follows:
      2. 1) Refund, according to the original payment channel
      3. 2) Delayed delivery: If you agree, when the customer service staff contacts you about the short goods, please indicate your opinion. If it is possible to replenish the goods, we will be replenished to you as soon as possible.
      4. Please be noted that we will not be liable for any direct or indirect problems or losses caused by the out of stock of items in orders.
      5. as an e-commerce website, and especially for produce, we can not 100% guarantee the availability of the goods even it shows that the product is in stock, considering the product quality control issue and the prompt supplying to our warehouse.

      About product preservation:

      1. Fresh products are easily spoiled if they are not stored properly after you received them. This is not a product quality problem.
      2. Please pay attention to proper product preservation methods and environments.
      3. Temperature (refrigerator, cooler), ventilation, humidity, light etc.are all-important factors to fresh goods like vegetables, fruits, and meats, etc.
      4. not clear how to preserve? you may check our product description/google or youtube to find plenty of methods telling how the preservation should be for most of the fresh produce and goods  in your hands

      Those above are part of our “Terms and Conditions” of

      Last update: Oct.9, 2022