How to registration/login via mobile

you can register / login via your mobile phone,  just click the Continue with your phone, and obtain a verification code, fill in the code, you are registered, but, remember, you have to go “my account”, and find the “Account details”, fill in your valid email address to replace the  default ””, or else, your account will not properly work for you. you also need to fill in other necessary information as your address, postcode etc.

when you click the register/login button at the right corner of the site, you will find the screen like that

click Continue with phone




when you get this  successful,you  will  find your the register/login area show up with your phone number, this is your temperary user name, you may change it, following the steps.

you need to fill in your account information and your email from “Account details” button



after click account details, you will find the display name with your phone number, you can change it to whatever name you like or keep your phone number there,

the email address need to be replaced with your own and correct email(not a false one), as this auto-generated email will not work for you, or your registered account may be deleted by system automatically, then click save changes


congratulations, you are done, your account is successfully registered!