Fresh Rambutan


  • preorder in advance, usual Wedneday new arrival, delivery or you pickup in store Wednesday or Thursday each week
  • Product of  Mexico or Guatemala by air
  • 15 lbs may contain around 270 pcs of rambutans, or 5 lbs may have 90 pcs rambutan (estimated)
  • if you order 15 lbs, and want 5 lbs pack for sharing with your friend, we may devide your 15 lbs into 5 lbs packing ( plastic bags) for you.
  • limited quantity, goes fast,  may place order to book it before Wed. for this week’s delivery or pickup

Suggested preservation:

  • Keep in the refrigerator at 8-15 degree centygrade  Completely seal the rambutan in an airtight bag and keep it in the refrigerator, however, the outer shell will inevitably appear dim color, not as bright red as the one just bought, while still taste good, even sweeter
  • if you purchase, sharing with friends, deliver it as soon as possible after you receive it.

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