How to save money-make money on your grocery purchasing

  1. Statistics Canada reports that average every Canadian spends $5880 on grocery per year and the average family spending on grocery annually is around $17,000+, recent data show that about 13% of household income is spent on food, it’s easy to save thousand if your grocery price is % off on average. but how?
    The distribution structure is like the following:
    product producers > distributors > retailers +warehousing + transportation+damage and expire losses etc. which means usually, the cost of a product’s price will be doubled or tripled when getting your hands, that’s because the traditional commercial structure is like that and is sustained for hundreds of years, however, if we can shorten the distribution steps, and match the need of customers directly with manufactures, or first-hand distributors, that will cut off a big % of the price to end users like you, so to save your grocery cost, that’s what we are striving to do, for our members.
    At this site, we have two kinds of users, one is no-fee, free registered users, we call it “no members”, and they can get registered for free, and purchase on the site at the retail price ( roughly 90% of our product price is the same for retail buyers and wholesale members), which is normally equal to or less than the price that you can buy from stores, we have another kind of users, the paid members (wholesale member), which they will need to have a monthly paid member or annual paid member at a small amount of money, to support our member focus services, and in return, those members can buy wholesale price-save money, and can get cash rewards to earn money by referring others, i.e,  after you join the member, you have the purchase experience with the price, service and the money earning function of your member account – because only member has the money making “sharing account”, and you may refer to others, let others join you and make/save money too,

how to register?, Click here to know

how to join the member? Click that link to see details,

how to do referring? Click here to check.

from the site, thousands of meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy, frozen food, and daily use items are waiting for your convenience. you place orders online, we deliver to your door with a lower delivery handing fee.

$1 to buy 12 extra-large eggs?  check here

Get 600 extra-large eggs for free? (value $200+),  simply pay $30 to join a member, Click here for details.

we have a great variety of Asia specialties and world import items online, and many money-saving items, at ” specials” on the main menu and other categories on the site,

many money earning items for your referring,

e.g, 4Lbs x 6 Pack- White Shrimp Head on-ice fresh,

if you are a member, you can see how many cash rewards you may get from the product page (no members can not see the rewards), the reward is what you can get if your referee purchase from the site, surely, the price is lower than in the retail store’s, while your friend can buy a good value and save money, and you make money too, this is a mutually beneficial process, and your friend can do so with their friends too.

the site has proudly made members thousands of dollars since early last year, and most of those members have built up their own team with hundreds of members already, can work at home, save money and make money, great gain and no-lose, why not?

Any questions, you may contact us via the live chat at the site, if you cannot get an instant response, just leave a message, don’t forget to fill in your email address when you use the live chat, or else, will not be able to contact you late. you may also send an email to us via, you will get the response to you as soon as possible

Join us, meet other members, make friends, make money, grow together, make a great life.

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