How to get fresh fruits

  • fruits from all over the world come to Canada by importing, we all crave for fresh fruits, because fresh is good, good !  but its not always lucky to get fresh fruits from the grocery store, even fruit specialty store.
  • because of what?
  • because of their supply chain is long, get it on shelves takes time, and if its not properly handled with cooling equipment, would be easily deteriorated, fruits quality from grade 1 down to grade 2 or even worse, therefore, the shorter time of this process, the better
  • can you cut the supply chain of grocery stores or fruit stores?  the answer is no, because its designed by the way it is, if some one want to change it, has to redesign the the process, or the old system has to change drastically, it will not happen in the near fore see future.
  •  is the any way we can get the fruit fresh to our hands, Yes, we can
  • if our customer place order in advance, and we then get your order directly from the importers warehouse, i.e, the cooling container just arrived at the importers warehouse, then we can get it fulfill your order right a way to your hands, that is to see, you will always get fresher, if not freshest, fruit by ordering from, and you can place order online, and when fruits are arrived, will notify you, then your pickup, or get delivery, if you like to pay the shipping fee., you have the choice.
  • when you pickup, you can see  its freshness in site, if not fresh enough to meet your standard, GET REFUND YOUR MOENY AT SITE.
  • with the help of, you have the chance to get fresher fruits, enjoy the freshness of the fruits, in seasonal or unti seasonal

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